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Cleaning your makeup brushes is so important, I never used to realise how much it effects my skin and how my makeup goes on. I think the main reason I absolutely hated cleaning my brushes was because it was always such a faff. No one wants to spend hours cleaning their brushes resulting in those not-so-attractive raisin fingersIt took me about 15 minutes to clean my brushes today (if that) and although these weren’t all my brushes these were the ones I use most often and have the most product in them. This method is the quickest and most effective way of cleaning brushes that I’ve found and leaves my brushes super soft!

First off you’re going to want to grab a little bowl, some olive oil and washing up liquid, and add the oil and washing up liquid in the bowl in equal-ish measurements.


Then take each brush, dab in the mixture and rub on your hand until you see the product coming off, do this with all the brushes and place on a piece of kitchen roll. Then get a small bowl of water and check that the brush is actually clean, if not go back to the oil and washing up liquid!



Hope you enjoyed this little post, like I said this is the most effective way that I’ve found and coming from someone that hates washing my makeup brushes- I truly recommend this way!

Just a little heads up- there’s nothing better than clean makeup brushes on a monday morning!

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