Whats in my bag ⎜New Michael Kors bag!


Hello everyone! I recently got a Michael Kors bag and I am in love with it! Its not totally dissimilar to my bag before. I used to have the Zara city bag, I had this about two years ago and although it was £50 it was perfect for me in sixth form. Its perfect for a laptop, text books and notebooks (hopefully not all at the same time). Anyway, this bag lasted me through two years of travelling, book carrying, and countless throw-the-bag-on-the-floor scenarios

After a year at uni I managed to save up a fair bit of money, so I decided to treat myself to a michael kors bag as I was so envious of anyone I saw with one. My mum visits America a few times a year so I gave her money and she picked one up for me, turned out to be about £100 cheaper than if I bought it year in England- HAPPY LEAH

IMG_2728 The first picture you can see the general layout of the bag, like my previous bag it has lots of nifty little pockets and zips to keep everything organised. The bag I got is called the Medium Jet Set Multifunction Saffiano Travel Tote, I justified buying this bag because it can fit in all my books and my laptop for uni and will be suitable for travel when I go see my boyfriend every few weeks! Hmm they’re valid reasons, right? This bag is actually comfier to carry because I can carry it in the crook of my arm or on my shoulder whereas with the Zara city bag if I wanted to carry it on my shoulder I had to use the satchel strap which I hated so never did.


In the next picture you can see my little essentials case. Its just little bag case to carry items I may need throughout the day, I can move this from bag to bag without fuss, its perfect for keeping everything in the same place instead of just flung anywhere in my bag.


The next photo shows the inner zip pocket, this is padded so perfect for my laptop (can we take a moment to appreciate my new case?) although its pretty snug and my laptop is only a 13″ so I’m not sure how other laptops will fit- thats just if you want to use the zip though.  Since I don’t often carry my macbook places I have been using the zip pocket to put my purse and camera in so they are safe. Next to the zip pocket there is a little side pocket ( feel like I’m saying pocket a lot but I’m not sure of any other appropriate descriptives) this  fits my  iPad mini so well and reckon you can get a normal sized iPad in there too, its against the padded lining so its good for helping protect it getting battered around.


The last photo shows all the things I have in my bag, all basic stuff! I would go into more detail but I feel as though that would bore you to bits so for now I’ve just taken a picture for you all the see.

Thankyou for reading!

Lots of Love

Leah x

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