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I decided to a products I’m loving post mainly because I love reading/watching other people’s! I think they’re so great at helping people make decisions on what products to buy and its great for those little products that often get overlooked when doing reviews! So here we go;

1) Dove indulgent nourishment body lotion with shea butter

I got this product in a gift set a while back, it was put with the other christmas gift sets in the spare room and forgot about (opps!). I’m a sucker for moisturisers  now, I never used to be trust me! This is actually for dry skin which I don’t have but I love feeling so soft after so its perfect for me. When I put this on it literally feels like water on my skin it’s so so smooth and silky and sinks into my skin for quickly. This is such a nice all-rounder moisturiser that I really recommend, it makes my skin look so healthy and glowy- if that’s a word haha!

2) Dove summer glow

The dove in the photo is the fair to medium but I have both shades and the dark shimmer. I love these summer glows, I mentioned in a previous post I switch between Dove and Garnier but I think I lean towards dove simply because of the texture, it’s not too runny but it goes on so smoothly so that you get an even coverage which is important -no one wants a dodgy tan!

3) Oral-B 3D white- Brilliance

Toothpaste might not be a frequent occurrence in the monthly favourites you read and watch but I wanted to include this because it’s an important part of everyone’s daily routine. I absolutely love this tooth paste, I really feel like this keeps my teeth white and I defiantly can see a difference since using this toothpaste. 

4) Imperial leather foamburst shower gel

I mentioned that I bought this in my beauty buys post that I did a few weeks back. I said then how much I liked it after one use and I’m going to say again how much I like it after seven uses (or around that). I can’t see myself buying any other shower gel after using this, I want to try all the different flavours but I can’t say I will move away from this foam wash! The texture is just so lovely on the skin I like I said a few weeks ago I truly feel clean after using this.

5) Naturally Radiant; Radiance balm & Eye cream

I’ve been using a few of the naturally radiant range lately as part of a little skin experiment. I plan on doing a full review of all the products I have but for now I’m just going to talk about two items. I use them both every morning before my makeup and every night after cleansing and I love them so far. I love how my skin feels after using this and makes my makeup go on so smoothly. I’ve only been using the eye cream for a few weeks now and I think its has made a difference in my under eye circles and dark patches very much-needed. I’m so happy with how these products have helped my skin and I will get back to you all soon with a full review of the range!

6) No7 Instant Radiance Foundation

So incase you haven’t caught on I have a thing for looking radiant. I like the glowing look and I like to look healthy. This is a foundation that accomplishes both of those down to a T. This foundations great because looks so so healthy on your skin and covered evenly too, if you go into a boots store you can even have a sales adviser use a colour marcher on your skin so that you can get the perfect shade! I often mix this with my estee lauder double wear because it matches my skin when I have little fake tan on and my double wear is my skin with a lot of tan on, I’m constantly going up and down with my tan so its nice to have two foundations so I can mix the perfect colour, this foundation combo is a match made in heaven. 

7) MAC Springsheen blush

I’ve had this blush for yonks and in the last few weeks I’ve been using it as part of my everyday makeup routine. This blush has gold pigments in it which gives the nicest finish on the skin. I think this goes so well with my tan and just makes me look healthy like I’ve got some colour to my skin. 

IMG_27718) Andrew Barton Airstyler

Lastly my current favourite is my airtyler! I can dry my hair and curl it at the same time. It comes with a few different ends depending on how you want to style your hair but I have been using the head for volume. I use this to add body and curl it too, this gives the look of an ultra expensive blowout  for a hell of a lot cheaper! Its sounds just like a hairdryer so after 20 minutes I do worry about annoying other people in the house but as long as my hair is 80% dry then it doesn’t take long at all. It makes my hair look healthy too and I think it had reduced the amount of fly aways I would get if I used my normal hairdryer then my straighteners!


I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading!

Lots of Love

Leah x


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