Homemade face mask! ⎪Spa Series

Hello everyone! Summer is well an truly here and what better time to have a little spa evening and get yourself prepped for the sun! I’m hoping to do a few little posts on some nice things to do to pamper yourself- always needed!


So today I did a Banana, honey and cinnamon face mask, yum. All you need is half a banana, two table spoons of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon. Not the nicest looking face mask granted, but it did work! This is the sort of face mask you want to use as a little pick-me-up, its good for making you look all lovely and glowy for the summer.

As for the sciencey bit, the banana is full of vitamins Bc and C, magnesium and water to nourish your skin and improve your complexion. The honey in this mask with help your skin absorb all that moister and give your skin that dewy glow. Finally the cinnamon in the mask works as an anti-oxidant so will clean your skin and help get rid of/prevent any blemishes (YAY)!

I did find that this was hard to put on as it kept slipping off my face, not a particularly nice feeling. So I would recommend chilling it for about an hour to help it thicken up. Leave this on for about half and hour and rinse with water. I found that after using this face mask my skin felt so so soft and looked radiant and healthy. However if you find you suffer from oily skin then I wouldn’t go for this as it might not help your skin, but if you do want to give it a go add some lemon juice!


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6 thoughts on “Homemade face mask! ⎪Spa Series

    1. Thankyou!Sometimes it can bring out the spots in your skin but thats just so they heal and then go so its all good in the end:) thank you for commenting!xx

  1. These DIY face and hair masks go perfectly with my spa day post!! It’s like our blogs are complements to each other lol. I love your blog and how you explain the science behind your ingredients! Keep on keepin on girl 🙂

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