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IMG_3007Hello everyone!

So as promised I am adding to the Spa Series that I started the other day with my homemade face mask recipe. Todays post (if you haven’t already gathered from the title) is going to me a homemade hair mask! You should have all of these ingredients in your kitchen already but if not they are extremely  inexpensive.

I recently lighted my hair and as we all know, lightening hair can be very damaging for your hair- SAD FACE. After doing my hair I conditioned as usual but the next day my hair felt very odd and straw-like. Needless to say it didn’t look so good either. I can now safely say my hair feels soft again and is back to its shiny, healthy self. Its hard for blonde hair to have much of a shine anyway but the ombre top half of my hair defiantly has visible shine and the rest of my hair just looks healthy, healthier than before if I do say so myself.  

The olive oil in this nourishes your hair  and is great for helping out dry damaged hair, it also gives it a lovely glow. Similarily the honey moisturises your hair giving it a bit more life! Lastly the banana in the mask gives loads of vitamins! Firstly the potassium in it helps with healing damaged hair. Vitamin A helps strengthen the the hair, Vitamin E promotes healthy hair follicles and a healthy scalp and finally the Vitamin C helps with your hair oil regulation! If you find that you have hair that gets oily quite quickly but you still want to give it a bit of moisture then try adding a dash of lemon  juice into the mask as this will get did of any excess oils your hair is carrying.

All you need for this mask is one banana (the riper the better just because its easier to mash!), One table spoon of honey and one and a half table spoons of olive oil. The dryer your hair is the more olive oil you should use, I would recommend just one if you’re looking to give you have a bit of a boost! Up it to one and a half to two if your hairs very damaged and/or if its just been coloured.

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Leave this on your hair for about 10 minutes and be aware that the longer you leave it on the harder it is to wash out- I learnt that the hard way. Make sure you wash your hair twice and brush it through to fully get all the banana out but if you have very very thick or curly hair you can skip the banana if you like.


Hope this mask worked for your hair, let me know if it does:)

Thank you for reading

Lots of Love

Leah x

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