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Todays post is going to be a review! You may or you may not know but I am a fake tan addict- the first step is admitting you have a problem. For me having a little bit of a tan is a confidence thing but for some its about having a bit of a summer glow. Either way its always good to know whats worth spending your money on and whats not worth the fuss and the dodgy tan lines.

I bought this the other week praying that I’d finally found the holy grail product that was going to give me a gorgeous glow all year round with little effort. I’m extremely sad to say I have still not found that product.  I bought this for £10 on offer however it usually prices around £15. It claims to give you a 2 week tan which drew me to the product.

It says on the bottle:

“Our highly concentrated formula locks in a natural-looking tan. Apply one application during 3 consecutive day for a golden two week tan. The luxurious elixir glides effortless over your skin and is non-sticky. It dies quickly and develops evenly, no streaks or self-tan smell.”

Before I used the product I exfoliated and moisturised just like I would with any other fake tan. I used my mitt and found it did glide onto my skin effortlessly as promised. However you cannot see where you have tanned and where you haven’t. I figured I’d be fine as I’ve had experience with gradual tan which doesnt have instant colour either. I can really explain the smell but it wasn’t bad at all, it reminds me of soap so gives me a clean feeling and it dried very quickly so I wasn’t worried about ruining my favourite Pyjamas.

I woke up fairly impressed, no streaks and I did have a little glow. I liked that I didn’t have to wash it off and it felt like my skin absorbed the product rather than feeling like it was just sitting on top of it. At first glance I was happy with how it turned out so off I went and applied another layer for day 2. However I noticed that I was already about a third of the way through after just two applications! I also found that after the second say I was looking a little more yellowy than bronzed. So i skipped the third application as I was worried I was going to wake up resembling a simpson.

Because I didn’t do the final layer I wasn’t as dark as I usually like to me and I found I had to go back for my trusty St Moritz. After a week or so I decided to give LO’real another chance and boy did I regret it. I woke up so streak it was impossible to hid. I scrubbed and scrubbed and nothing, the insides of my arms and my legs were the worst but I managed to redo my tan that night with a different product and it was nearly unnoticeable to others. Alll in all this was not my saviour, however it doesn’t mean it won’t work for you! I’ve never had problems with fake tan steaks which is why I’m so surprised this didn’t work for me.

I’d give this a 2/5. It smelt nice and went on my skin well without leaving a sticky feeling. But I wouldn’t use it without being prepared to have it fix it again in the morning- not something you want in a tan.

If you’d tried this product let me know how you found it! Thankyou for reading!

Lots of Love

Leah x

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