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Hey everyone! We all love a bargain and for some of us (including me) a makeup bargain is the best kind! MUA   is a superdrug own brand makeup company, and I know most of you will roll your eyes and want to go straight back to the Rimmel or Max Factor stand. I know because thats what I did for the longest time. However MUA has become a lot more popular over the last few years and now has a full fitted stand in superdrug stores. Along with the popularity MUA has gained a whole load of new products including eyeshadow pallets, foundations and nail polishes. Oh and did I mention the products are mega cheap?!

Lets start with the eye pallet- £4. I bought the Pallet called Heaven and Earth, I got this one because it had the natural shades that can be worn as both a day or evening look.  I’m not one for wearing eyeshadow on a daily basis but when I do I love wearing golds and browns just because this is the most flattering for my eyes. This pallet comes with 12 colours all of which are amazingly pigmented meaning with just one swipe you get a brilliant swatch. There are a few other pallets with this brand including a matte one for those who aren’t big on shimmer. I’m so so impressed with this Pallet!


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Next up- the eye primer! Now I thought I might as well give this a try as I don’t have an eye primer anymore, I usually just use my concealer and that’s worked fine in the past. I used this when I did my makeup before work and by the end of the day I sadly had a crease mark where my eyeshadow had moved and it had also faded which I was disappointed about, but I think it would work using subtle or matte colours. For £2.50 I wasn’t too bothered it didn’t work. When I used the eyeshadow for going out the next day I just put concealer underneith and it stayed put!

And last but not least, the lip colour. I’ve collected a few of these style lip colours and I love them because I don’t often have the time or patience with lipstick so these are a quick simple no fuss lip products. The colour I got was called Rendezvous , it came out a rosey natural pink. It smelt like mint and was really easy to apply. You’d obviously have to spend a but more time if you got one of the darker colours! I didn’t expect the colour to last on my lips as long as it did but you could still see the tint after an eight hour shift –impressive. The gloss faded after about an hour but I didn’t expect anything else. Overall a good turnout!IMG_0189

After my first experience with MUA I’m super impressed and intend to buy more products as soon as possible! If you’ve tried some products then let me know what you thought of them!

Lots of love
Leah x

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