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IMG_0322So its official, my new favourite place to buy clothes is warehouse. I am absolutely in love with everything in their shop so heres a little look at a few items I’ve recently bought.

The first item I bought a few weeks ago in July, its not something I would usually buy as I’m not really into wearing colours, don’t get me wrong I love colourful clothes. But when I got to buy them I usually talk myself into buying the black, grey or navy colour instead because “it’ll go with more things”. But after seeing this top on the girl in the shop I decided I had to buy it! Its called the Giant Floral Crepe Tee and priced at £38- when I bought it – but know you can get it in the sale for £25. Just my luck. I’m not one to spend this much on one tee but haven’t just been paid and with a student discount card in my hand I just closed my eyes and typed in my pin number. The deed was done. However over a month later I am still IN LOVE with this top, it can be worn with a casual pair of jeans or with some heels to dress it up.

The next item is now also bought in the sale, its the Mesh Panel Tee-shirt Jumpsuit. This is just a casual comfortable jumpsuit that can be chucked on with sandals or dressed up with some big heels and a necklace. Either way I love this, its such a simple piece that can be worn at any occasion. It was originally £35 but I snapped it up for £20. On the model the ties sit on the hips but I find I can wear it on my waist giving me more shape and is more flattering.

Very recently I have bought two more items- the addiction continues. The first item is the Lace Trim Crepe top and then the Green Sleeve Blouse. Both these are perfect for those not-sure-how-to-dress occasions which I know everyone hates. These kinds of tops are perfect for being about to dress up or dress down, just wack them on with jeans and a pair of boots and you’re good to go.

I’m half hoping warehouse will continue to make clothes like this to fuel my addiction and half hoping they stop as I fear for my student bank account.

Hope you enjoyed.

Lots of Love

Leah x


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