Dermaquest Dermaclear Cleanser and Serum Review ⎜Week two

dermaclear bha cleanser reviewGood skincare is never cheap, but I’ve got to admit I’ve never spent more than £20 in one go on cleaners. After searching for ages, I couldn’t find any reviews on Dermaquest Dermaclear products, so I decided to risk it (very unlike me)  and purchase them anyway. I’ve always had spots and problem skin, it’s never been horrendous and often goes through good and bad phases. As much as a spot bothers me, as I’m sure it bothers everyone, it’s the congestion  that really bothers me. The blackheads on and around my nose are the worst but I have visibly clogged pores all around my T-zone.After realising how heavily I relied on makeup and how much of a bad cycle I was in (Bad skin → wear makeup → clogs pores → bad skin) and getting to the point I couldn’t even go to the gym without foundation on, I started researching treatments and went to a dermatologist at The Private Clinic. We talked about Microdermabrasion and the Obagi Blue radiance peel. After looking at my skin and talking about my routine the lady suggested I invest in some good skincare specifically for congested skin, this would be far more beneficial than a quick fix treatment. That’s how I ended up with Dermaquest.

It’s a little on the pricey side, but if congested skin is a real problem for you then it’s really more of an investment. I purchased the Dermaclear BHA Cleanser – £31 and the Dermaclear Serum – £57. Both products have salicylic acid in them, meaning they are going to exfoliate the skin helping unclogging pores and reducing marks from previous scars. Using both products will help relieve congested skin which in turn will reduce spots.

I’m not going to post before and after pictures because as stated, this is only week two so I haven’t quite got a brand new face yet but if things improve drastically then I will find a way to convince myself to post photos of my bare skin *cringes*.IMG_0822

So the first thing I noticed is that my skin felt very clean after using these. I started using them twice a day however after a few days I felt my skin was a little red and sensitive, I’m guessing this is because my skin wasn’t used to such a harsh cleanser like this. I reduced the usage to once in the evening after taking my makeup off. I put some of the serum on an open spot (bad idea Leah) and it stung like hell! I’ve read that this it is fairly common for your skin to sting a little after using salicylic acid however I really do not suggest using this on open spots as it went super dry and scab like (sorry). I also noticed that after a few days my nose started to peel but again I believe this is because I was using it too often too soon. After my skin got used to the serum I could feel the benefits with it leaving my skin softer and clearing facial scars.

I used to think that my skin was combination however the dermatologist explained that I was most likely using the wrong skin products. I definitely noticed that my became more oily in between washes, but I think this was just my skin returning to its natural balance (I have no clue), but it also improved after a few days.

After two weeks my skin looked a lot clearer, I started to have lots of tiny tiny whiteheads on my face that cleared up pretty quickly and my skin looked lighter and brighter. So far so good with DermaClear and I will update you soon!


IMG_0833 IMG_0834
dermaclear bha cleanser reviewdermaclear bha cleanser review  Sorry if this post is a bit long and dragged out. I know everyone’sskin is different and works different so I wanted to explain what mine was like and how I reacted so be the most helpful for everyone!


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